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how to through gateway in neverwinter

MessagePosté: 12 Juil 13 à 06:03
par kimiko12
Source rock: the inner sanctuary
Even in the first room will encounter Moragg men four elite (all 15 soldiers) and an ancient lizard priest (15). With time to stop the strange shadow killer + + + advanced outsider reel Prismatic Spray settle them, their magic is best left to the final battle.
When you reach the last one cave will see Moragg (19 mage). Although she did not like A sister as "Legend rating", but her defense because there is a group for her valet, so almost all spells, weapons, special damage are immune. Want to hurt her, then she must first eight attendant solution (their area is surrounded by a wall of blade shield barrier, it would eliminate the need to put the statue destroyed). ... tion-house Attendant who is not a vegetarian, they are almost all types of magic are immune (apart from negative energy and pure magical energy) with a withered dead surgery + missile crisis will be very effective.
Also nearby is the 4 egg sacs, if not promptly break them, then the war will soon hatch out an endless stream of powerful reptilian beast soldiers and gray bags.